Hello All,
I hope this is finding you all well and all is good in the Ham world. Over the last month or so we have noticed a couple of things we would like to ask for your help with (if it pertains to you) to ensure a quality experience for all users. What we are experiencing excessive lag between transmissions and doubling due to ZumSpots. Another item is Hot Mics or over modulation. I am aware that these kind of things happen using these types of tech. However there are some things we all can do to help.
1. ZunSpots. Please only use your Zumspots when you really need them.(outside of the PIN system Radio coverage area) ZumSpots have a lot of lag between transitions and can lead to doubling.
2. Hot Mics. Please adjust your mic gain to suit you voice. The default setting is NOT good for everyone. So please take some time to adjust your radios and please do all your radios.
3. Nodes. Please make sure that the freq. you have your node on is a clear one and set a DGID so that only the people you want can access you node. also if you have your node open for use please email us the info for it and we can add it to the members only part of our Web site.
Thank you for your help with these items. It takes all of us to keep our system running. if you need help with any of this or have question please let me know and I am happy to assist. 73

Russ (K6RDH) Hamilton
Network Administrator