Who We Are

Network Information:

K6PIN is a CLOSED/FRIENDLY repeater network which is privately owned by N6RTR/Marshall and K6THQ/Lee. (We get lots of help from members.) We welcome visitors to test drive the Network for a short period of time. We are user supported and open for membership to any licensed amateur radio operator who wants to get involved with our growing, linked network of digital C4FM repeaters. We encourage good operating practices and require compliance with Part 97 of the FCC regulations. PIN is a “family type” network so topics and language should be in keeping toward that venue.

The Pacific Intertie Network/K6PIN is a series of linked, C4FM, Wires X, digital Fusion repeaters that cover a good part of Southern California, including the high desert. Current sites are: Crestline, Sunset Ridge, Pleasants Peak, Box Springs, Running Springs, Industry Hills and Loma Linda. When using analog transmissions the repeaters are stand alone at this time.