Test Drive

Please do not abuse the Test Drive Offer.

The Pacific Intertie Network is a closed/friendly network of C4FM repeaters that permits test driving our network to determine if our network meets your repeater needs. We welcome you to check our out network of repeaters and alternate methods of linking to our network. Not only can you use the repeaters but you may try Echo Link, Zum Spots (hot spots) and WiresX nodes to access our network. You may also elect to check into our Monday night net. Please complete the below guest application. You will then receive permission to test drive the network and additional information about K6PIN.

If after a few weeks test driving the system you decide not to support our network please let me know and you will be removed from our authorized guest user list. Thank you for giving us a try; there are many repeater systems that will welcome your participation. If you elect to support and join our group please refer to the How To Join section on this web site.