Saturday Breakfast

Hi All,

We will begin our quarterly meetings in December.  Our December quarterly meeting will be at Russ’ – 2904 Sterling St.,
Pomona, CA 91767, at 10:00 AM, Saturday, December 12.  We will have the opportunity drawing and 50/50 drawing.  Please confirm if you will or will not be there.  Also if you are not sure.  This will help in planning.  We will have B-B-Que hot dogs and hamburgers.  If several would like to bring salads and chips, etc. – please let me know so we make sure there is a variety and not too much of one item.

I will bring HT antennas, not for Yaesu unfortunately, both the short and long.  These will be free to those who attend.  Guest, pest, and the rest are invited!  Again, we need an approximate idea of how many will attend.

As mentioned during the net last monday: The Sunset frequency will be on Pleasants and the Pleasants will be on Sunset.  CTCSS, et. al.  will not change for the two locations.  Marshall and Ron will be making the changes late Sunday morning

See you there –  73, Lee